Skin is constantly changing. Age, medication, illness, seasonal changes, and stress are just some of the elements that can affect the skin. Medical skin treatments are designed to target specific skin issues like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, pigmentation and more. At Skin Therapy of Charlotte we use medical grade chemical and enzyme peels that are tailored specifically for each client’s skin. Additionally, our Customized Facial Peel takes the guess work out of choosing the right peel for your skin. Rest assured that our master aesthetician will design a customized treatment plan to meet your skin care goals and help you achieve the look you deserve!

Chemical and Enzyme Peels

Customized Facial Peel

Set your clock back

These performance-driven treatments will dramtically change the look and feel of your skin. Our master aesthetician will customized a chemical peel or peel series to help you achieve the look you deserve.

1 Peel – $125

4 Peel Series – $425

6 Peel Series- $600

Pigment Correcting Peel

Remove dark spots and lighten melasma

Voted LNE & Spa’s best facial peel, this two-part system was developed specifically for diminishing pigmentation issues. A Jessners solution with mandelic acid and the added benefits of Vitamin A make this peel effective for brightening pigmentation associated with acne, melasma, or photo damaged skin and is safe for all skin types including ethnic skin. Expect a mild to moderate amount of physical peeling.

1 Peel – $135

4 Peel Series – $459

Age Later Peel

Repair aging and damaged skin

This self-neutralizing next generation blend of advanced exfoliating and revitalizing ingredients rejuvenates and repairs aging skin. Powerful anti-oxidants, correcting peptides, and plant-derived stem cells help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Expect a mild to moderate amount of peeling.

1 Peel – $135

4 Peel Series – $459

Revitalize Peel

Take years off of aging skin

This powerful yet non-damaging Vitamin A Peel can take years off aging skin. Expect mild to moderate sheeting of the skin for approximately one week post treatment.

1 Peel – $155

4 Peel Series – $525

6 Peel Series – $745

Ance Peel

Treat oily congested skin

This potent chemical peel for acne blends alpha and beta hydroxy acids with anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and heal acne lesions. Botanical lighteners help correct post acne pigmentation. Expect minimal or no peeling.

1 Peel – $95

4 Peel Series – $329

6 Peel Series – $459

Organic Facial Peel

Naturally rebalance dehydrated skin

This non-chemical enzymatic blend of papaya, pineapple and mango, uses organic ingredients with medical effectiveness to naturally rebalance, regenerate, and restore the skin’s youthful glow.

1 Peel – $85

4 Peel Series – $289

6 Peel Series – $408

Clinical Skin Treatments

Dermaplaning Treatment

Restore dull dry skin

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective method that removes dulling and dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. This treatment is recommended for all skin types and produces amazing results in just one session.

45 min – $75

Dermaplane with Infrared Stem Cell Infusion

Get your glow on

This is the premier treatment for smooth and soft skin. Dermaplaning with infrared stem cell infusion promotes cellular turnover and collagen production to leave skin looking and feeling soft and radiant in just one session.

60 min – $95

  • “Carol is fabulous! I’ve been to see her three times now and will definitely continue. I have sensitive skin but I have zero worries when going to her or trying something she recommends. So great!”

    Margaux C. Reviewer on Facebook
  • "I have been getting treatments from Carol, and all I have to say is....THANK YOU SO MUCH. I really never knew what to do about my skin and not very trusting of what others had recommended for me. Always felt that most places did just the basic treatment and were very pushy with their products. And was overwhelmed with all the products on the market that swear they do this and do that, yet did nothing at all. It's so refreshing to see that a proprietor is more interested in treating her clients with genuine care and concern of both wallet and true needs. She built a lasting relationship with me because I TRUST her. After a few treatments, she knew just what my skin needed and what it would tolerate. I have been following her suggestions and I have new skin. Getting older just sucks, but with Carol's help, it has been a more graceful transition... so far. I look forward to what else she has in store for me.”

    Jen G. Reviewer on Yelp
  • “I was so thrilled when Carol opened up her new business. I have been going to her for the past couple of years and she is a gem. Her expertise and consulting has done wonders for my skin (I have rosacea). I have been having facials for the better part of 35 years and she is the best one by far! Her high energy level and positivity and bright smile always make me feel welcome and comfortable. The variety of products she carries is in all price ranges and all top notch. I highly recommend her for all your facial and skin needs.”

    Susan M. Reviewer on Facebook
  • I have been seeing Carol several times since the spa opened in July and I cannot say enough about this perfect little oasis. The therapists there are truly gifted and are extremely knowledgeable. I have had both massages and facials and this is no chain experience. No high pressure sales pitches and everything is customized to each client from start to finish.”

    Marilyn S. Spa Finder Reviewer
  • “Regina is AMAZING! I have nagging lower back issues from cycling long distances and painful IT band that pops up from time to time. Regina’s individual approach is customized to meet my needs versus the “big box” same service for all mentality I have experienced elsewhere. She, through consistent treatments and stretching exercises, has been able to alleviate my issues. I now see her twice a month for maintenance work, pre and post race tweaking too. I am hooked!”

    Raymond Z. Spa Finder Reviewer
  • “Carol is by far THE BEST there is. After my first treatment, and following Carol’s recommendations for skincare, my face looks amazing. Just had my second treatment and booked my third. My facial included hot stones under my shoulders... what a treat!! The massage on my face, neck, and shoulders was amazing and so relaxing. I will be a long-time client!”

    Pam H. Reviewer on Facebook